About Oana

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zOH_ (11)FBOana has been passionately working in the field of photography for 25 years. Her interests started with black and white citiscapes and travel photography, using an all-manual film rangefinder camera. She developed the prints herself, further expanding her knowledge of optimal light and composition.

She then became more and more interested in nature and landscapes and moved to color images and professional film cameras.

She earned a Professional Photographer degree from New York Institute of Photography, in 2003.

Closely following her life path, Oana’s interests have then focused on capturing the uniqueness of life’s special events, as well as on creating lasting memories through portraits and family photography.

She currently uses exclusively digital professional cameras and lenses. She enjoys maximizing each image’s impact by perfecting the light, color and cropping both in camera and while she post-processes it in her digital lab.

Oana uses natural light whenever possible, supplemented by indirect lighting if needed. She photographs mostly in environmental surroundings- the outdoors, your home or any place of significance to you. This gives the images an authenticity which stands the proof of time. Oana also uses her indoor studio several times a year for limited edition, specially themed series of photo sessions.

Oana’s message to you is:

“I love to put my time and my artistic vision at work to provide my clients with images which speak to them. I like working with people, journaling their presence in time and space. I believe that each person has something of their own, something brilliant and timeless, and this is what I love to witness and showcase in the images I create.

I would be honored to photograph you and yours. I believe that everyone should have keepsake images from the times in their life which need special remembrance, as well as occasional visual mementos of their real daily lives. Thank you for finding me, I look forward to meeting you!”

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In the words of some of her loyal clients:

” She brings out the very best in us, captures what we like about ourselves, draws out out inner beauty, and I don’t know how she does it. ” – Jessa B.

” From the beginning of our daughter’s photo session to the final product the word that best describes the experience with Oana is “magic.” Oana helped us create both stunning photographic images and beautiful memories that we will cherish. The photo session was effortless (for us!) and the resulting photographs are breathtaking. It was money well spent and we will continue to use Oana for many years to come. ” – Allison L.

” Oana really has an eye for capturing those intimate family moments in a very natural way. Our session never felt “posed” or “artificial”. She was just masterful at keeping our toddler happy, engaged, and involved. The results were absolutely beautiful. ” – Jenny W.

” Oana shows you how you might appear through the eyes of a caring friend. Our best family pictures come from her.” – Damien G.


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Oana has lived in Atlanta for 22 years and has three young children, Roy (12), Mary (10) and Amy (3).

Oana’s three children on a Costa Rican beach, where they traveled along with Oana who was there on commission in May 2015