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 We are humbled by the praise we receive, and always strive to surpass your wildest hopes!

Baby portraits “Oana has a natural ability to capture the inner light of those she photographs. I am particularly impressed with her highly professional yet relaxed and comfortable style of working, She is a joy to be around. Oana is equally at ease taking business or family photographs.” – Elaine B., August, 2009

“Oana is a wonderful photographer. She truly cares about people and this is reflected in her photographic work. She is also very creative and always looking for the unusual/special scene to make your pictures truly one of a kind.” – Bobbie F., December, 2009

“Oana has a special talent for taking photos and making them memorable. We have taken many family photos and we have not always been pleased with the final results. The family photos Oana took were fabulous. I will definitely be using her for my business head shots. I highly recommend her services!” Kyra H., November, 2009

“Oana is a fantastic photographer. She really has a unique eye and perspective when it comes to photographing children – she really seems to capture the essence of a child, which is, after all, what makes them so beautiful. My sons are not the easiest to photograph, and her gentleness and patience with them has resulted in beautiful photos we will treasure forever.” – Bliss P., June, 2010

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“Oana is an expert photographer who somehow captures the magic of each moment. I plan to use her services again and again.” – David S., June, 2010

“First I have to say that I hate cameras – I hate having my picture taken however, the ‘Oana experience’ was phenomenal. Oana is a delightful person and a very talented photographer. I am looking forward to scheduling another session – maybe I’ll get mom to come to town. I just adore Oana’s portraiture – families, babies, children, couples; and I love that she prefers natural settings to a studio (natural light can be so forgiving). You really must book a session with her!” – Pamela S., June, 2010

“Oana is a brilliant photographer. Oana is able to capture the unique qualities of her subjects with her camera. My family and I have sat for her in a private photo session that produced amazing images that showed the warmth, joy and wonderment that I, my husband and our little boys feel. Every picture she takes is a masterpiece.” – Dotty N., June, 2010

“Oana has this wonderful talent of making you and your family appear natural in all her pictures. She makes you forget the camera and the result is just astounding of candor and spontaneity. Oana shows you as you might appear through the eyes of a caring friend. Our best family pictures come from her.” – Damien G., June, 2010

“Oana is truly gifted, capturing the moment like no other photographer I know!” – Candice S., June 7, 2010

“We have used Oana on several occasions and have always been extremely impressed with her work. We used her for our Christmas cards this past year and still receive compliments on how creative they were and how good the photos came out. Oana is a wonderful photographer and I would highly recommend her!” Christy J., June, 2010

decatur family photography“Oana is an amazing photographer. The way she captures moments coupled with the end results are truly remarkable. I have used Oana on multiple occasions for an image photoshoot, headshots and event photography and have been WOW’ed, every time. If you have any photography needs, especially for headshots, Oana is undoubtedly the person for the job. You’ll be glad… no, you’ll be thrilled, you used her services. If this isn’t enough for you, once glance at her portfolio will surely do the trick. She is consistent, friendly, and provides tremendous value.” – Taryn P., June, 2010

“Oana is an amazing photographer. She exudes warmth, charm and personality, qualities that come across in her photography. Her work is impeccable, and I’d whole-heartedly recommend her.” Laura S., June, 2010

“Oana’s work is nothing short of amazing! We first met in 2009 during a photo shoot for a local Atlanta book that I was featured in. I was in desperate need of a professional headshot. Knowing that I am not photogenic only added to my fear of having a professional picture taken. Oana was gracious and very patient throughout the entire process and went the extra mile to present me in the best light. The end result was priceless and I’ve since gotten alot of mileage of out the photograph. Have you seen my LinkedIn profile picture? That’s Oana’s work and its on every social media profile I have! I highly recommend her services for anyone looking for a professional headshot.” – Alicia B-P., July, 2010

“Nostalgic, romantic, and timeless are just a few words to describe Oana Hogrefe’s phenomenal photography. Her photographs speak for themselves. But if I had to describe Oana herself, I would have to say that she is a quick study who is also highly intuitive; she not only studies, but fully understands, her subjects. In working with Oana at a recent event, I found her to be exceptionally organized and thorough in the planning and execution of her work. Oana Hogrefe is so much more than a gifted photographer; she is a first-rate businesswoman with a spirit of excellence, and I recommend her without reservation.” – Nichole B., March, 2010

“Oana is an amazing photographer – EVERY single time she has photographed our children, she has delivered amazing results, no matter what mood the kids are in or how harried I am feeling. She is a true gem and phenomenal artist!” – Kelli N., June, 2011norcross children portraits

“I have worked with many professional portrait photographers over the years, but Oana is the only one who truly captured me! I loved every image she shot and believe me, that is a rare thing. Her creativity and connection with her clients creates an atmosphere of ease and confidence. Never a moment of discomfort for ‘posing’; only a fun, relaxed experiences.
Oana is truly one of a kind. Totally professional, truly talented, and someone I recommend most enthusiastically and without reservation.” – Kyle Y., January, 2012

“Oana is an experienced professional. But more than that, she is an excellent photographer. My face is not camera-friendly, but she made me look good!! Something no other photographer was able to do….and I had tried others.  Oana is also very easy to work with, and truly made me feel at ease. I would highly recommend her services to anyone.”- Linda A., January 2012atlanta headshots

 “Oana is a brilliant photographer! She is a truly gifted artist. She’s extremely personable and easy to work with. And she’s amazing with children!”- Cherita W., January 2012

“Oana is a consummate professional, but more importantly creative and engaging toward what my goals were for my professional photos. She made me feel at ease while getting me out of my comfort zone in order to capture great photos. Love them…and would definitely engage her again.” – Bernadette B., January 2012

“Oana did a beautiful job taking pictures of our son. We couldn’t believe how many great shots she was able to capture. She even was able to get our dog to cooperate at the photo shoot. I highly recommend her.”- Caroline C., January 2012

“We used Oana this past spring for famliy portraits. We wanted something not “posed”. She certainly did deliver! The whole family was at ease. Pictures came out great- even used them for our Christmas card and received many compliments. I would definitely recommend Oana to our family and friends.”- Jill B., January 2012

“Oana worked with my toddler and myself on three separate photo shoots. Each of the three shoots was challenging, either because of weather or toddler-dom. Oana maintained her positive, upbeat attitude throughout, transforming the challenges into adventures. We came away having truly experienced wonderful memories, that are now forever captured in beautiful imagery. She is a true artiste!”- Tanya B., February 2012


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